Sikh Coalition: Americans Stand Together As New Details Emerge on Wisconsin Shooting Suspect

New York, NY-(ENEWSPF)- As details on this tragic shooting and the suspected shooter continue to emerge, law enforcement officials have formally moved to investigate the case as an act of domestic terrorism.

“We are mindful that law enforcement officials have not yet identified the tragic shooting in Wisconsin today as a hate crime,” said Sikh Coalition’s Executive Director, Sapreet Kaur. “However, as the focus of the investigation shifts attention to this possible motive, we want to thank Americans of all faiths and backgrounds for standing with the Sikh community in deploring this act of violence. We encourage your continued support of the Sikh Americans, who are both grieving this great loss and fearful of similar hate aimed at their family members and places of worship.”

Both President Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney have stated in recent hours that they “join Americans everywhere in mourning those who lost their lives” and “that the American people have (the victims) in our thoughts and prayers.”

The outpouring of support and solidarity is also coming from local Milwaukee faith based organizations, including Milwaukee’s Archbishop Jerome Listecki, the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, which have all declared their solidarity in the wake of this act of violence.

“Tonight we are praying for all of the victims, including the courageous officer involved in the shooting, and mourning this senseless loss of innocent lives. We cannot answer all the questions today about why this shooting happened, but we know that with great tragedy comes great responsibility to have a national conversation about the importance of religious diversity. No community should ever be terrorized because of its faith.” said Kaur.

The Sikh Coaliton continues to be in contact with both the FBI’s Civil Rights Division and the White House. Both have promised to continue to be in touch with our staff as they monitor the situation closely. Additionally, the Sikh Coalition will be flying to Wisconsin on Monday and will be available for media inquiries in New York, Washington D.C., and Milwaukee.

The Sikh Coalition has experts available for commentary on Sikhism, Sikh civic engagement, and past incidents of violence directed against Sikhs.

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