#ResistTrumpTuesdays Action Toolkit


Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–January 3, 2017.  Every Tuesday the people will rise. This is not a drill, we are facing a Republican controlled federal government, a President-elect that has used fear and hatred to fuel his campaign and an already dangerous cabinet with self-proclaimed white nationalist Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist and career racist Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. We must act now. We need to demand our representatives to do everything in their power to protect our communities including opposing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

This is an action toolkit to conduct an action at your federal representative offices every Tuesday at a time that works for your community, until your representative denounces Trump’s cabinet appointments.


Go to one of your US Senators local offices. To find your local district office of your two US Senators and your Congressperson. For Representatives: http://www.house.gov/representatives/ For US Senators http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm.

Before the Action:

Before the Action:

  1. Have a meeting: Action Meeting Guide Here
  2. Promote on social media using #ResistTrumpTuesdays.
  3. Create a Facebook event for the action, invite all your friends.

Action Run Down:

  1. Make your way to your Senator’s office. Once you enter have someone ask if Senator _________ is there.
  2. Whether or not your Senator comes out use the people’s mic (Repeat after each other) to say this below*:

Dear Senator,

Trump’s cabinet nominations are not a reflection of the American people.

Corporations have taken over our government so we are taking over this office.

We demand that you make a public statement denouncing Trump’s cabinet nominations and that you call on your legislators to do the same.

We are not leaving until we get a response from the Senator.*

  1. If they are there, try and get them to make a public statement on the spot with commitments for how they will oppose Trump’s cabinet picks and undemocratic government, and call on their fellow legislators to do the same.

*We know that there are risks to staying in a federal office all day. A response can be an email, phone call, social media post or written statement that comes from the Senator to your group. Don’t feel the need for them to come out or have press conference (but that is cool too).

After the Action:

    1. Before folks leave huddle up and exchange contact info.
    2. If people are down, have them commit to a follow up meeting to plan the next action.


  • Don’t forget to upload all pictures and videos using #ResistTrumpTuesdays


  1. Knock and talk your block: We can’t continue until our movement grows, knock on your neighbors doors and tell them about the action you did. Ask them to join you on your follow up planning meeting.

Talking Points:

  • Our leaders have failed us, so we must be our own leaders.
  • Trump’s cabinet nominations are not a reflection of the American people.
  • Corporations have taken over our government so we are taking over this office.
  • If you believe in protecting children and families, you will not work with a white nationalist administration.
  • We want a country rooted in love, we want a country with compassion for all. We want a country where we can raise our families and build our communities in peace. We want a nation rooted in equity.
  • Freedom from exploitation. Freedom from all forms of violence. Freedom of movement and mobility.
  • If we need representatives, then we want representatives that reflect who we are and our values.
  • We are prepared to resist this Administration when it shows hate, with love. We are calling on our Senators to do the same.
  • We want our representatives do everything, in their power to protect everyone in our country, including Black people, immigrants, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, communities of color, women and workers, from all forms of violence.

Source: http://resisthere.org/



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