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POP! Do You Know the Officer Assigned to Your Neighborhood?

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Do you know the POP Officer assigned to your neighborhood? Park Forest Police have run the Problem-Oriented Policing Program, a.k.a. the POP Program, for several years now. Your POP Officer is assigned to your neighborhood. Police still stress that dialing 911 should always be our first step in emergencies, reporting crimes, or for any issues that require a timely police presence.

POP, on the other hand, was devised for two reasons, according to police:

  • To help residents address quality-of-life issues that affect your neighborhood
  • To serve as your contact with the police department

According to police, the POP officer assigned to your neighborhood will not always be the officer patrolling your neighborhood. Your POP officer will however serve as the contact between you and the police department for quality-of-life issues that do not require an immediate police response. The POP officer will also serve as your contact to share information of a non-emergency nature.

Whether you’re a Park Forest resident at the north end of town or a Park Forest resident at the south end of the Village, a Park Forest Police Officer is often in your neighborhood and can communicate with you on various issues.

Know Your POP Officer. Don’t Wait for a Problem

We wish to stress this program at eNews Park Forest after reporting on tragic events in our town. If you have a concern, call. Think you might have a concern? Call. You’re unsure and think something might develop into a concern but are worried about bothering the police? CALL.

Your calls do not bother the police. We have heard chief after chief after chief say this to residents. That includes our current Chief Paul Winfrey.

Your POP officer’s task is to get to know you and your neighborhood as they best can. You, the resident, might want to reach out and introduce yourself.

Why wait for a challenging issue in your area to get worse? Talk to our officers.

Planning a neighborhood gathering this summer? Invite POP! If available, your officer will likely show.

Contact your neighborhood’s POP officer by email, phone, or in-person to ask questions you might have, or to simply introduce yourself.

Please view the map below to find out who your neighborhood’s POP officer is. If you’re still unsure who your neighborhood POP officer is call the Park Forest Police Department non-emergency number at 708-748-4700.

Current POP Officers Assigned to the North Part of Town

  • Officer Bowers
  • Officer Habecker
  • Officer Enns
  • Officer Bolin
  • Officer Piszczor
  • Officer Scott
  • Officer Hoskins
  • Officer Sitkauskas

Current POP Officers Assigned to the South Part of Town

  • Officer Walden
  • Officer Gauna
  • Officer D. Li
  • Officer Rich
  • Officer Zendejas
  • Officer Goycochea
  • Officer Hoskins
  • Officer Karl
  • Officer Noriega
  • Officer Taylor
  • Officer Venn
  • Officer Wierzgac

Find Your Neighborhood Officer

View the POP Neighborhood Map below. Zoom into your neighborhood and click to locate the officer assigned to your area.

This article has information gleaned from the Village of Park Forest website.