Passing of Gary Barnett into Enternal Life

From Tony Mielcarz, via email:

At about 6:30 PM this night Gary Barnett passed on to eternal life. He was surrounded by family and close friends. Pastor Linda Johnson joined the family shortly after Gary’s passing.

Arrangement are still  pending.

Just a brief feeling on my part.

Gary had truly  given more to his fellow man than most people I had ever known.

Married for many years a devoted father and grandfather, long time member of the Trinity Lutheran church of Park Forest,  past board member of Area A co-op, long time resident on Waldmann in P.F., and a past school board member and board president of SD 163, Gary was a dedicated adult boy scout leader of many years and finally past manager of area J co-op.

We at ENEWSPF offer our sympathies to Gary Barnett’s family, friends, and everyone who knew him.