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NWI Comedy Crew Presents 2020: A PERSONAL SPACE ODYSSEY

2020: a personal space odyssey
Coming online to a living room near you: Improductions presents 2020: A PERSONAL SPACE ODYSSEY (SUPPLIED)

Crown Point, IN-(ENEWSPF)- Improductions, LLC brings their first original sketch comedy revue entitled 2020: a personal space odyssey running Fridays and Saturdays July 10 – July 25 at 7:30 PM online.

This is the first sketch revue for Northwest Indiana comedy producers Improductions, LLC. For the last three years, they have been producing improv, musical improv, and stand-up showcase in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region. Much of the material for the show was either brought in by members of the ensemble or born from sets of improv the group performed together to generate ideas for sketches. Many of the cast have trained or performed at various comedy institutions like The Second City Training Center, iO Chicago, The Annoyance, and ComedySportz Chicago and have used that training to come up with material for the show.

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From protests to pandemics to the latest internet memes, 2020 is a year that has seen significant change both socially and politically. A cast of writers and actors have banded together to begin looking for the comedic silver linings in the “new normal” by putting together a sketch comedy revue where they could explore how the year has affected relationships, neighborhoods, and other aspects of everyday life.

“We can’t ignore what’s going on right now,” says director/producer Nelson Velazquez. “Everyone we know has been affected by the pandemic and all of the social change going on. We want to share with those watching how we’re dealing with things in our own comedic way.”

One unique aspect of the show is that it’s being done 100% online. “There is a certain energy and group mind in the room when you create comedy,” says cast member Kate Wiersema. “We had to find a way to feel that energy and play off each other through the computer. I think we found a flow that worked for us and I am proud of the variety of sketches we have written.”

We’re taking advantage of social distancing,” continues Velazquez. “We’re not just putting regular staged theatre online – we’re taking into consideration the medium and using it to present our sketches specifically to enjoy watching on a computer or mobile device. It’s been a challenge but we’ve learned a lot over the last few weeks producing improv online and we feel we’ll have something unique for people to watch and enjoy.”

Tickets are $12 and are on sale at Once tickets are purchased, a private viewing link will be emailed to the purchaser.

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