Hudson High School in New York Crowns Gay Prom King, Queen (Video and Story)

Hudson, NY-(ENEWSPF)- Two gay students were crowned Prom King and Queen at a high school about 20 miles south of Albany. The honor was real, the voting was genuine, and the young men, their school, families, and community couldn’t be happier.

From NBC 13 in Hudson:

Meet the 2010 Hudson High School prom king, Charlie Ferrusi. And his prom queen, and best friend, Timmy Howard. Both boys (yes, BOTH are male) are gay and both couldn’t believe it when they heard their names announced at the dance Saturday night.

"That was pure excitement. It was funny, it was fun and a great night. Me and Charlie gave each other a big hug and just said congratulations. It was great," remembered Howard.

The two seniors don’t just have the support of their classmates. It appears much of the town is pleased with their victory. So much so that their names are displayed on a sign at one of the local businesses and a gaggle of people showed up Thursday evening to watch them be interviewed.

"People are not ashamed of us they are really excited this happened," said Ferrusi, whose grandfather is the former mayor of Hudson.

It’s their families who are the most proud, though. This wasn’t just coming out on top in a popularity contest. Winning the titles of prom king and queen makes a statement.

"We’re all equal. I’ve always told my son, since he was little, to do what you believe. It’s all in your heart and you are who you are. Just prove yourself and he (Charlie) has done this," gushed Charlie’s proud mom, Kathryn Ferrusi.