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Hallelujah Temple Offers Two Summer Camps For Youth

Pastor Dr. Astead N. Herndon, Hallelujah Temple
Pastor Dr. Astead N. Herndon of Hallelujah Temple invites young people to attend summer camps. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Hallelujah Temple in Park Forest is offering two summer camps for youth. The camps together will serve young people from age 5 to 17.

The first camp, a Vacation Bible School, begins Monday, July 16, and is available for children ages 5-13.

“Young people ages 5-13 are encouraged to participate in this week of activities that fosters new friendships, learning and fun!” says Carolyn Prince, Liaison for Hallelujah Temple.

Week two, named Camp Creative, begins July 23, and is geared toward ages 11- 17. This is a theater camp, where campers learn the “ins and outs” of a production, working to put on their own musical Saturday evening, July 28.

And the price is right. Both camps are free. Lunches and snacks will be provided.

Registration is open now. As space is limited, those wishing to attend are encouraged to reserve their spots today by calling 708-503-3536, or send an email inquiry to [email protected].

Summer is rapidly approaching. Sign up today!

About Hallelujah Temple

Text from the History of Hallelujah Temple:

Hallelujah Temple was founded in February of 1995 by Pastor Astead N. Herndon and his wife Missionary Myrna R. Herndon.  It started from humble beginnings with just the Pastor, his wife and three children. Residents of the western suburb of Bellwood, the Lord spoke to Pastor Herndon “start the church where the land is,” and directed him 50 miles away to the far southern suburbs.  Commuting with his family, they traveled over 400 miles each week to a red barn that was at the Riegal Farm in University Park.  From February 1995 until September 1998, services were held on the upper floor of the Barn that’s lower floor functioned as a community petting zoo.  

There were many challenges to holding services in the Barn.  Some were common obstacles to start up churches and others were not.  For example, the heating and cooling systems often malfunctioned causing extreme conditions, 120 degrees in the summer and 55 in the winter.  More humorous was the fact that animals sometimes interrupted services.  A goat walked down the center aisle on more than one occasion.   A bird flew overhead from time to time and a talking parrot greeted everyone at the door with a loud “hello.”  Less humorous was the smell, flies and other animal related issues.  

Regardless of the challenges, the people came.  Through community outreach and word of mouth, the church grew both numerically and financially.  And while searching diligently for other rental possibilities, Hallelujah Temple utilized the barn to its fullest.  Not despising the day of small beginnings; anniversary services, seminars, workshops and even theatrical productions were held there.  Many mission initiatives were spearheaded from that humble location including ongoing support for Liberia, West Africa.  

In the summer of 1998, the Lord miraculously granted us the privilege to purchase 9.6 acres of land 2 miles south, off the corner of Western Avenue and Wolpher.  That same summer, we successfully bid for the purchase of our current facility.  Formerly a Jewish synagogue, the testimony of how the purchase came about was an act of divine faith.  We were the first African American congregation to own its facility in Park Forest.  Prayer, fasting and personal sacrifice brought about this blessing and the numerous miracles of healing that have occurred since being here.

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