GOP Lawmaker Regrets Voting Against Same-Sex Marriage – Lynne Osterman (Video)

Lynne Osterman who was elected as a Republican to the Minnesota legislature says she regrets casting a "political expedient" vote for Minnesota’s "Defense of Marriage" law that outlawed same-sex marriage. She tears up when talking about it and urges Minnesota lawmakers to legalize same-sex marriage.

She says, in part, "Lawmakers before us—you— all over this nation have had conversations about equality, respectability and fairness. We’ve all taken our history classes and could come up with our own list of instances. What were the polls like for those issues? Was everyone ready when our elected officials took the reigns and led our community, state and nation so those laws were changed? 

"Voting no today, this session, might seem politically expedient. But I can tell you from experience that you will have to live knowing that a no vote is not fair, it’s not respectful and it’s not equal."

Watch the video. It’s worth your next few minutes.