Filmmaker Katie Young Embarks on Her Newest PBS Project

Photo via: Right2Water Ireland

CLEVELAND, OH –(ENEWSPF)–September 9, 2015.  Producer of the international award-winning documentary The Graceful Descent, Katie Young, is embarking on her newest project: the Irish Water protests and the escalating fight against austerity-driven water charges and shutoffs from Dublin to Detroit and beyond. 

The new PBS-sponored documentary film, 100 Litres, owes its name to the United Nations Resolution 64/292, which officially recognizes the human right to water and each individual human’s need for 50-100 litres of water daily for drinking, eating, cooking, and bathing. 100 Litres is the story of how we all depend on water and how people around the world are uniting to protect their access to reliable, affordable drinking water. 

The film is still in pre-production, and the producers have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise initial funds. As of Tuesday, September 8th, the campaign had already raised over 10% of its funding goal in a few days. Director and producer Katie Young is confident the campaign will be successful and is looking forward to beginning production with a film shoot in Ireland.

100 Litres is a full-length PBS documentary about water privatization in Ireland and the human rights movement being led by Irish citizens,” said Ms. Young. “Community organizations, political parties, and trade unions have joined together in a National human rights movement that’s hundreds of thousands strong. Using peaceful protests and a human rights manifesto, #Right2Water Ireland is taking on a corrupt government, corporations that are taking advantage of loopholes, and EU banks in a fight for the human right to water. This is a national revolution and no one is talking about it.”

Though the film is centered in Ireland, Ms. Young plans to document other global water rights movements that have taken inspiration from the Irish Water revolt, including in Detroit, Michigan where activists last year blockade water shutoffs imposed on poor families during the city’s bankruptcy. 

The film is being produced by Young Blood Productions. Learn more at 100litresfilm.




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