In Advance of Nov. 4 National Protests, Digital Billboards Demand: Trump & Pence Must Go

No. 4, 2017 Rally
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CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—October 31, 2017

By: Tricey Morelli

Seen these billboards around Chicago and wondered what’s that about? The image of nuclear weapons on Trump’s mind takes on renewed relevance as Trump heads to the Korean peninsula next week. Artist Hal Hefner created this striking design to highlight the existential threat posed by Trump’s finger on the nuclear trigger and the launch of the movement to drive Trump & Pence from office, which begins nationwide this Saturday, November 4.

Non-violent permitted protest, in the name of humanity, with people converging in Chicago from around the area will take place. They will demand an end to the Trump/Pence regime, as part of national protests now in 20 cities organized by and others, based on the Call “November 4 It Begins: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

The Chicago event will take place on Saturday, November 4, beginning at 1:00 p.m. at the Federal Plaza located at Adams & Dearborn in downtown Chicago.

This rally will be the beginning of gatherings in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country. We will be, at first, many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Our protest will grow from here, day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power.

For those who do not live in Chicago, you can find a rally near you here.


Tom Carey, Priest-in-Charge, Church of the Epiphany, Los Angeles

“No amount of protest of one or more issues, however principled and intense they may be, will stop the growing cruelty and repression of the Trump-Pence regime. It’s time for a total rejection of this regime through ongoing mass protest similar to that of the Arab Spring and the ouster of South Korea’s president last year. We cannot stand by while this regime continues to usurp power. Trump’s tweets and daily ‘craziness’ are just games to mask the hateful policies this regime imposes daily. Join the protest to drive out this regime that begins on November 4. In particular I call upon my fellow priests, religious and other Catholic-Christians to join the protest. We can do no other.”

—Fr. Bob Bossie, SCJ

“Come out November 4th and make your voice be heard, and show this damn regime that they DO NOT rule over us. We are not going back to the time of slavery, we gay people are not going back into the closet, and we Native Americans are not going back. Let us come together, we are all in this fight together.”

—Reginald Sawyer, Two Spirits Chicago, Native American & LGBTQ Activist


“[Oscar Brown, Jr.] was the OPPOSITE of what Trump stands for!”

—Maggie  & Africa Brown, educators & singers, daughters of legendary Oscar Brown Jr., teachers & musicians, on “The Snake” and why Trump/Pence MUST Go!

Now is the time for citizens to stand up in moral opposition to this corrupt regime and government, which represents billionaires and fossil fuel and weapons corporations rather than citizens, and endangers the health and well-being of people in our country and throughout the world. This regime poisons our environment, wildly exacerbates rampant climate breakdown, and recklessly endangers the world by threatening and risking nuclear conflagration. Even as the government threatens repression against dissent, people standing up for justice and sanity now is critical.

—Rev. Taigen Dan Leighton Ph.D., Soto Zen Buddhist priest and teacher  

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