Help for Paying Winter Heating Bill

Cook County, IL–(ENEWSPF)– Cook County Commissioner Joan Patricia Murphy is Hosting an Energy Assistance Fair Wednesday, March 18th. Those who need assistance may apply for Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) as well as Nicor Sharing and ComEd assistance programs.

The Energy Assistance Fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, March 18th at the Crestwood Bingo Hall located in the Playfield Shopping Plaza at 5441 W. 127th Street in Crestwood.

When applying for assistance, please bring the following items:

  • Proof of gross income for the last 30 days.
  • Original Social Security Cards for all household members.
  • A copy of your current Nicor and ComEd bills.
  • If you rent and utilities are included, bring proof of rental agreement stating your monthly rent amount and landlord information.

Don’t miss Commissioner Murphy’s Energy Assistance Fair and representatives from CEDA, Nicor Gas and ComEd. Find out if you qualify for LIHEAP and receive a payment directly to your heating bill. For more information and income guidelines call CEDA at: (708) 339-3610 or (708) 371-1522.

Partners Against Animal Cruelty Awards

Cook County Commissioner Joan Patricia Murphy – 6th District is honored to share the recognition awards recently given to individuals who serve as members of the Cook County Partners Against Animal Cruelty (PAAC) Advisory Board. PAAC is a collaborative network of law enforcement and government agencies that was formerly adopted by the Cook County Board in 2004. Pac’s initial initiative was to see to it that acts of animal cruelty were recognized and treated as crimes throughout the law enforcement and judicial systems in Cook County. The success of PAAC is a direct result of these individuals and their agencies that have supported these same objectives. Commissioner Murphy is founding partner and Co-Chair of PAAC, and is committed to the continued efforts on behalf of animal welfare.

Please join Commissioner Joan Patricia Murphy in congratulating her colleagues of PAAC as they are honored for their efforts in com-batting cruelty to animals. These individuals are pioneers in their own rights – launching awareness, training and law enforcement efforts on behalf of victims that cannot speak for themselves. Because of them many animals have been rescued, and many perpetrators have either been or will be prosecuted.

In February, 2009 the HSUS, presented the 2009 Humane Chicago Award to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and Cook County Sheriff’s Department Investigators Larry Draus and Tyra “T” Brown. The Sheriff’s Department was honored for its innovative efforts to crack down on dog fighting in the Chicago area. Sheriff Dart, also serves as the Chair of the Cook County Partners Against Animal Cruelty (PAAC) Advisory Board. Sheriff Dart has significantly elevated the awareness that animal abuse is a crime and will be enforced as such within Cook County.

During the week of February 22-28, the Animal League Defense Fund sponsored National Justice for Animal Week. This endeavor is to further promote awareness and laud leaders who have advanced the cause including, Chicago Police Department’s Legal Affairs Attorney Sandra Brode. Sandra Brode is the Chicago Police Department’s liaison for animal-related issues and a catalyst for widespread anti-animal cruelty in the CPD, locally and nationally. Sandra has been serving on the Cook County Partners Against Animal Cruelty (PAAC) Advisory Board since it’s inception in 2004.

And lastly, Dr. Cynthia Bathurst is the recipient of the 2009 AVMA Humane Award. Dr. Bathurst was selected by and in the American Veterinary Medical Associations and Animal Welfare Committee meeting February 6 – 7. The AVMA gives this award annually to a non-veterinarian who has advanced animal well-being, shown exemplary dedication to the care of animals, and contributed to the community and society. Cynthia currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Cook County Partners Against Animal Cruelty (PAAC), and also served as our initial Chair and a founding member of PAAC.

The determination, drive, leadership, selfless and tireless efforts of Dr. Bathurst have contributed immensely to the cause of animal welfare. Dr. Bathurst may be best known for her involvement in CAPS, and as Co-Founder of D.A.W.G. ( Dog Advisory Work Group) with the accomplishments of creating and maintaining a court advocacy network for animal crimes in Cook County. Dr. Bathurst is the current National Director of Best Friends Animal Society’s Project Safe Humane.

Source: Commissioner Joan Murphy