Health Care Reform

Poll: Growning Number of Americans Oppose Repealing Health Insurance Reform Law

News Analysis

A new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll asks a random sample of 855 adults nationwide, interviewed by telephone May 6-9, 2010, whether any parts of the health insurance reform law should be repealed. Results show that a plurality of Americans said they would prefer Republicans to leave the new healthcare law alone and not repeal any parts of it.

As you may know, many Republicans have vowed to repeal President Obama’s health-care-reform law. Which part, if any, WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE THEM GET RID OF?

Requiring all Americans to buy health insurance 30% 45% 13% 32%
Stopping insurance companies from denying coverage 8 6 6 11
Letting children stay
insured until age 26
8 10 8 7
Expanding prescription
coverage for seniors
2 3 1 1
None; I’d keep them all 42 18 68 38

Nod to The Wonk Room at Think Progress for this.