Health Care Reform

On The Healthcare ‘Mandate’ from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

From the editorial staff at the St. Louis Post-Tribune on the United States Supreme Court upholding President Obama’s Affordable Care Act:

"We thought of the people we’d seen in emergency rooms, sick or injured and waiting in shame for the moment when someone would ask for their insurance cards. They couldn’t afford a regular doctor, so the ER became their primary care, and a thousand bucks a year in costs were shifted onto each of us fortunate enough to have health insurance.

"These people, and a majority of the 50 million other Americans who don’t have health insurance, won big when President Barack Obama signed the ACA into law in March 2010. They won bigger Thursday when a 5-4 high court majority turned back partisan, short-sighted and ill-informed challenges to the health care reform law. The better angels of America’s nature triumphed.

"To be sure, the ACA is not perfect, but its imperfections do not lie in the challenges brought against it. A single-payer plan would have done more to reduce soaring health costs; eventually, America will realize that."

Read more here for an excellent analysis of the issues surrounding the decision and the law.