Free Online Chinese Lessons Now Live On Loquella.com

Spokane, WA (PRWEB) July 25, 2007 — Free online Chinese lessons are now live on Loquella.com. Anyone interested in learning Standard Mandarin Chinese can now use Loquella's language tool to practice and learn Chinese.

The most essential and unique feature in the Chinese lessons is that Chinese characters are aligned underneath the Pinyin (Romanization of Chinese characters) text to aid in learning Chinese characters. This feature is important to anyone interested in learning to read in Chinese. The lessons also focus heavily on teaching proper pronunciation and stressing its importance when learning Chinese. The lessons also contain detailed images in the grammar tip area to illustrate and allow users to interact with the Chinese lessons.

To use the Chinese lessons, users read or hear the sentence in English, read the sentence in Pinyin, see the Chinese characters, then listen to the audio in Chinese and repeat what they heard in the audio. Although Loquella's method for teaching Chinese is the same as for teaching Spanish and French, there is an additional line that allows users to see and learn the Chinese characters.

"This is the first free online language tool to offer such comprehensive Mandarin Chinese language lessons," said Rebecca Hallengren, VP of marketing for Loquella.com. "We hope that by providing this free online language course that we are able to open up the doors for people throughout the world who are interested in learning to speak and read Chinese."

The Chinese language lessons can be found at http://www.loquella.com/learn-chinese.

Loquella has also recently released a language community that allows language learners to meet, interact and learn from each other by sharing experiences about language learning and travel.

"We hope that Loquella.com can become a destination for language students no matter what means they use to practice and learn a new language," said Hallengren. "By providing additional resources such as a language community, we believe that language students can enjoy a richer and more well-rounded learning experience."