Field Crest Celebrates At New Location


Mayor John Ostenburg celebrates with Field Crest school owner Donna Davenport after the ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday. (Photo: ENEWSPF)

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— The Field Crest Cultural Enrichment Program held a ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday for their new location at 201 Main St., Park Forest. Mayor John Ostenburg and owner Donna Davenport cut the red ribbon across the doorway. Festivities included dancing on Main Street, a large and supportive crowd, and refreshments. Members of the Board of Trustees and village staff were also in attendance.

Acting teacher Carl Easter, a playwriter for the school, commented on the variety of programs offered, "We do original plays as well as pieces that are already written. This year we’re doing a musical which will encompass all of the classes. We’ll have modeling, dance, acting, all combined for the show."

He says the school’s been in operation for about twenty years.

Donna Davenport says she is, "very thankful to be here in such a diverse community who understands the importance of a cultural enrichment program or programming in a child’s upgringing. I think it’s so important."

She spoke highly of the etiquette classes in particular, "Not only do we teach the children speech – how to pronounce their words, but we also teach etiquette and charm. That can mean the difference of getting a better job. You have two people with the same degree – one’s gone through the program, or some type of a cultural fine arts program, will get that job faster than somebody who did not."

Classes are scheduled to begin September 8 at the new location. 

More pictures from the afternoon are available here.

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