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Donald Trump Wants Bill Gates To Turn Off The Internet, Because, Well, ISIL, Daesh

Yes, this is true.

I saw this on The Independent from the UK. Some thought it must be a joke, or satire.,

Turns out, The Donald actually said this.

From International Business Times:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has some pretty radical plans for the U.S. should he ever get into the White House, and it appears that one of those plans is to block access to the Internet. To get this done, he is planning to go and talk to Bill Gates.


It is unclear what Trump meant by going “to see Bill Gates,” though it appears to suggest that Trump believes the Microsoft co-founder may be in charge of the fabled Internet kill switch — something that the inventor of the world wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, says doesn’t exist. Trump could be talking about disrupting the online communications of the extremist group — also known as ISIS, IS, ISIL or Daesh — which is an issue President Barack Obama addressed Sunday.

Does the man actually believe The Internet is controlled by Bill Gates? Or that Bill Gates can “turn off” the Internet?

Trump is appearing more and more, day by day, as his own caricature.

But he is not a caricature.

He exists in real life.

Can you imagine a President of the United States making these statements?

No. Never.

In real life, he must never see the inside of the White House.