Coyote Activity by EJ & E

We got so much conversation going on deer, I thought I would put out a mention of coyote activity.   The past few nights we have noticed the coyotes lliving near the EJ & E tracks off Wildwood in Park Forest have really been howlling and barking at night.  Maybe they are bayng at the full moon.  What alarmed us was that we were also hearing smaller dogs barking and yipping.  I don’t know if that was their own pups joining in or if it was neighborhood dogs.  If you have smaller dogs, be careful of letting them out in your yards after dark.

We are used to hearing some howling, but it this is coming from many more coyotes than we have ever noticed before.  They roam the right of way, and have come right up to our fence.   Our big dog used to love to go out and sit on the deck after dark, and we joked about her going "coyote dating."    I thought people would like adding coyote sighting stories.