Cows Invade Village Hall


The Ten Ton Challenge mascot serves as a reminder of the goal of a collective weight loss of 10 tons. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— Those who have paid a visit to Village Hall recently may have noticed a large cow greeting them upon entering the lobby of the building. The eight-foot long cow is the official mascot of the Park Forest Ten Ton Challenge, an initiative to promote a healthier lifestyle for area residents, sponsored by the Park Forest Health Department.

The cow was selected as the mascot of the Challenge due to its weight, which on average is just about one ton. The hefty mascot is accompanied by 9 photos of cows that line the windows of the lobby of Village Hall, each representing a ton.  With each ton lost by participants in the Challenge, a cow will disappear from the lobby, in effort to “send the cows home.”

“Sending the cows home is a rallying theme for all of us who are participating in this unique community building event,” says Christine Blue, Director of the Park Forest Health Department.

As the cow images are replaced with signs of congratulations, the large cow will move to various community events and meetings.

Future plans also include festive looks for the mascot, as decorative holiday touches will keep the cow in season and a visible reminder of the goal of a collective weight loss of 10 tons.

At the completion of the challenge, a local artist will paint the cow before a raffle finds a new home for the former mascot. Proceeds will benefit the Park Forest Health Department.

To date, close to 175 participants have registered for the Park Forest Ten Ton Challenge.

The January kick-off event for the program drew just over 100 people to Village Hall, where they officially registered and took part in a weigh-in.

The first in a series of monthly "weigh-ins" was held Saturday.

The Park Forest Ten Ton Challenge is an ongoing effort in 2008.  New participants can register Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:30 am and Monday evenings at 6:00 pm throughout the year. Those interested in signing up are encouraged to contact the Park Forest Health Department at 708-748-1118.

Source: VOPF