Counterfeit Bills Used to Purchase Car

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— The United States Secret Service was called in to investigate after a man sold a car last week and was allegedly paid with counterfeit bills.

Police were dispatched to the 300 block of Nokomis on October 15 in reference to a delayed deceptive practice.  The victim related that approximately 30 minutes prior to notifying police, he was at a friend’s house in the 100 block of Lester.  While there, he sold a vehicle he owned to an acquaintance of his friend.  The cash transaction took place outside in the parking lot area in front of the residence in which the person buying, known only as "Scott," paid $1700 for the vehicle.  The victim gave Scott the title and keys to the vehicle, and Scott drove away.  After the victim returned home, he realized that the money Scott gave him was counterfeit.  The victim then notified police.

Officer Kessler observed the bills which were all in $20 denominations, with four different serial numbers.  The bogus bills did not have any reflective material, or magnetic strips found in genuine bills, according to the report.   The recovered counterfeit bills were entered into evidence.

The victim stated that he trusted his friend and did not believe that his friend was involved or had any knowledge of Scott’s alleged fraudulent activity.  The vehicle did not have any license plates on it as he had removed them prior to making the sale.

Officer Kessler notified Agent Mark Locus with the Secret Service of the alleged fraud and counterfeit bills, and a copy of the police report was faxed to them.  Officer Kessler also notified the Secretary of State Police, and left a phone message detailing the incident to possibly have the vehicle’s VIN  number flagged if license plates are applied for on the vehicle. 

The vehicle was entered into LEADS as stolen.

Source: Police report