Cottage Grove Health Center Slashed from Cook Co. Budget


What Does 17% Mean to Park Forest? 

Ford Heights, IL–(ENEWSPF)–  eNews Park Forest has learned that Cottage Grove Health Clinic in Ford Heights, is slated to be closed as a result of the budget cuts proposed by Cook County Board President Todd Stroger.  The clinic, located at 1645 Cottage Grove Avenue, is a primary care clinic that provides non-emergency medical care for all Cook County adults and children.  The Cook County Department of Public Health website says primary care services are provided through a collaboration of the Ambulatory and Community Health Network of Cook County and the Cook County Department of Public Health.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council  31, is opposing the 17% across the board cuts.  According to a flyer being distributed at the clinic by AFSCME Council 31, "Cuts of that magnitude won't make county government more efficient, they'll just cripple vital public services."  The AFSCME website adds, "That would translate into massive cuts of critical services and layoffs of county employees. To stop this, AFSCME has launched a campaign to get the Cook County Board to stand up for quality county services and the employees who provide them."  AFSCME Council 31 is urging members to call Cook County Commissioners, and provides a link with commissioners' phone numbers.

Park Forest resident Phyllis Camplin opposes the proposed closing of the clinic, "I was upset to hear that Cottage Grove Health Clinic is scheduled to be closed as part of Todd Stroger's announced budget cuts. The clinic was a lifesaver for me when I found myself without insurance and in financial difficulty. It provided needed healthcare at a price I could afford," she said in an email to ENEWSPF.  "The staff of the clinic is professional, helpful, caring, and never condescending. They handle the various health services to the community with minimal personnel. Without the clinic, many less fortunate citizens, from infants to seniors will be left without preventative and ongoing care."

Camplin urges residents to call Cook County Commissioners.  Park Forest is served by Commissioners Deborah Sims (312-603-6381) and Joan P. Murphy (312-603-4216).

Sources:  AFSCME Council 31, Cook County Department of Public Health

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