“At What Cost Does House Leadership Inaction Come?” Asks Congresswoman Robin Kelly (Video)

Rep. Robin Kelly on gun control
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Washington, DC –(ENEWSPF)—June 29, 2017.  Congresswoman Robin Kelly released this statement following her speech on the House floor calling out the toxic influence of the NRA’s money in politics that’s contributing to the gun violence that’s costing American lives:

“Time and time again – tragedy after tragedy, Congress holds moments of silence and does nothing to save American lives.

This inaction is a direct result of the vast amount of money that the NRA pours into the political process to push their dangerous ‘guns everywhere, rules nowhere’ agenda that’s killing Americans.

I plan to continue these speeches until the Speaker allows Congress to vote on universal background checks, federal gun trafficking, reinstating the assault weapons ban, and a jobs bill to make our communities more secure.

The American people deserve to know at what cost the inaction and silence of House Republicans comes.”

Source: www.robin.kelly.house.gov

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