Congresswoman Robin Kelly Statement on the State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON—(ENEWSP)—January 29, 2014. Congresswoman Robin Kelly issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address tonight:

“Tonight’s State of the Union address offered a blueprint for a better America. I agree with the President that it’s time that Congress focus our attention on what’s most important to Americans – expanding opportunities and creating a more level playing field so that all Americans have a chance to succeed.

I am hoping that my colleagues will take heed and put aside partisanship to work together to get the people’s business done. And the first order of business should be extending unemployment insurance, raising the minimum wage and passing a jobs bill.

A functional Congress that puts the needs of the American people first, that advances the national agenda and that works with the President – not against him – is the kind of government that the American people want and deserve.”

Source: robinkelly.house.gov