Congresswoman Robin Kelly Speaks Out Against GOP Tax Scam (Video)

Rerp. Robin Kelly
(Image Provided)

Washington, DC—(ENEWSPF)—December 19, 2017

By: James Lewis

Today, Congresswoman Robin Kelly spoke on the House Floor opposing the GOP’s Tax Scam, which will raise taxes on middle class families.

Kelly laid out the reality of the bill saying, “It’s a tax scam that will force hardworking Illinois moms and dads to pay the bill for tax giveaways to the rich and well-connected.”

Congresswoman Kelly noted the unpopularity of the GOP’s tax bill stating, “Mr. Speaker, the American people know it’s a scam. A new poll from Monmouth University found that half of all Americans believe this GOP Tax Scam will raise their taxes.”

In closing, she asked her colleagues to vote no on the bill. She pledged, “I will never vote to raise my constituents’ taxes just to pay for massive tax giveaways to major corporations and a handful of super wealthy families.”

Source: www.robinkelly.house.gov

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