Congresswoman Kelly Delivers Keynote at Matteson Business Association Breakfast

MATTESON—(ENEWSPF)—August 28, 2015. Congresswoman Kelly told more than 100 small business owners from the Matteson area that with the closing of Lincoln Mall and the decline of traditional malls everywhere, it is vital to adapt a new model of shopping that will appeal to younger generations of shoppers. 

“In today’s economy, when consumers are not buying on the internet, they want to shop in town centers or downtown areas in walking distance from their homes,” Congresswoman Kelly said during her keynote address before the Matteson Business Association. “Homewood is an excellent example of this. What attracts younger generations to a downtown area are boutiques, bike shops, green grocers, cafes and destination restaurants.” 

Kelly said the old-fashioned concept is good news for small businesses. 

“In essence, small businesses are at the very core of our future economy. So it’s imperative that we create an environment where our local entrepreneurs can launch and grow small businesses.

And that includes the support of the community. Without the community’s steady support, small businesses cannot survive.” 

She said groups such as the Matteson Business Association and the South Suburban Small Business Association are essential to the success of small businesses because they provide an excellent support system for local businesses, and keep consumers closely connected to the local economy. 

Rep. Kelly told the audience she is committed to supporting small businesses and has introduced legislation in Congress that would make incentives available to businesses like grocery stores, retail chains, and restaurants to locate in areas struggling to recruit and retain businesses.A Small Business Guidebook for entrepreneurs is also available on her website at http://robinkelly.house.gov.       

Source: www.robinkelly.house.gov