City Refuses Dialogue With Occupy Chicago, Orders Demonstrators Out of Thompson Center

The Occupation of Chicago by the 99% Continues: Who Will Our Mayor Support?

CHICAGO–(ENEWSPF)–October 28, 2011.  Yesterday, Occupy Chicago’s legal representatives from the National Lawyers Guild met with the City’s Corporation Counsel. The discussion — intended to open up dialogue about a permanent home for the Occupation and to address the city’s arrests of hundreds of peaceful protestors — was fruitless.

“Our lawyers have advised us that the City of Chicago is not willing to work with Occupy Chicago to find a permanent, 24/7 home base for the movement,” said Jasmine Williams from Occupy Chicago. “They are also not willing to discuss dropping charges faced by any of the non-violent demonstrators arrested at our actions occupy a community home in Grant Park.”

Thursday evening, Occupy Chicago peaceably assembled outside Chicago’s Thompson Center, to hold a vigil in honor of US Marine Scott Olsen, brutally assaulted by the city of Oakland while standing in solidarity with peaceful protesters there.

At 10:15 PM, approximately fifty Illinois state troopers and Chicago City Police marched upon Occupy Chicago’s vigil, ordering the demonstrators out of the public space. Police were equipped with K-9 units and gas masks. Occupiers complied with the order to disperse and moved to the public sidewalk.

“We ask the Chicago Police to stand with their brothers and sisters in Albany and support our right to assemble. We ask the mayor to march with us, as mayor Sam Adams of Portland does with the occupiers there,” said Emilio Gutierrez from Occupy Chicago.

“We will establish a 24/7 home base in Chicago, and begin putting power back in the hands of the people, taking it away from corrupt politicians and corporations. Together, we will create a better system, one built on social and economic equality.”

Occupy movements around the country have had their first amendment right to 24-hour-a-day assembly upheld by federal and city governments, the courts, and the police. Examples include:

  • New York, NY: Occupy Wall Street has maintained a camp in Liberty Square for 42 days. (September 18th)  
  • Cleveland, OH: A Federal injunction upheld the Occupation’s right to a permanent home base at Public Square as of October 27th. 
  • Los Angeles, CA: The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously (12-0) to support Occupy LA’s campsite in City Hall and its occupation of the city’s green spaces.
  • Cincinnati, OH: Courts upheld the movement’s right to a 24-hour-a-day demonstration site pending the results of a court decision  
  • Portland, OR: Mayor Sam Adams routinely supports and marches with Occupy Portland demonstrators. 
  • Oakland, CA: After an overwhelming show of police force, Mayor Jean Quan reversed her position, deigning to recognize Occupy Oakland’s right to occupy Oscar Grant Plaza and Snow Park.

The question remains for Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City of Chicago: which side of history will they be on?

Since Sept. 23, Occupy Chicago has been utilizing the sidewalks of the
financial district to raise awareness of the corruption and complicity
in the banking industry and government.

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