Car Talk

Hello everyone. One thing I can say that interests me the most is my passion for automobiles. From an early age, I have studied over tons of automotive material that range from brochures to newspaper articles. Most of my automobile knowledge dates back to the 1980’s. If you are in the market for a new or used car or want my opinion about a particular vehicle, I will be happy to assist. As an open minded individual, I would also like to hear some of your feedback regarding your questions, and comments, about any vehicle.

This is something new that I am starting, which I am going to call car talk. Here, I will feature certain vehicles that are new to the market or have been redesigned and write comments about them. If you were wondering how I am going to comment on a vehicle, rest assured. My comments will be based on the facts. When I wrote for my college newspaper, I composed stories about automobiles. I would go to various dealerships and test drive cars and I would write a full story highlighting key information. If this blog becomes popular and provided it is okay with my editor, I will submit automobile stories with more detail.

Thanks for reading