Car Talk: The CVT Issue and Concern

As you may know I am not a big fan of the CVT transmissions, (Continuously Variable Transmission) So, I thought I would mention it separately from my automotive review articles.   My concern is that one day all cars will be equipped with this technology.  My stance is that not having a standard automatic transmission will take away the joy of the vehicle, because part of that joy is listening to the gears change.  The CVT is shiftless.  When you accelerate full throttle, there is no shifting but just a rise in the RPM rate. This seems boring to me.  Nissan is one of the companies that has the CVT.  Even on the lower end models you have vehicles that are equipped with CVT transmission.  I think that the car manufacturers should offer the CVT as an option, not as a standard feature which Nissan does.  However, car companies claim the technology has contributed to better fuel economy, but are skeptical to prove it with solid research. Although CVT transmissions seem isolated to a few car manufactures right now, but one day it might become the norm for these transmissions to exist in the future.

Thanks for reading.