Car Talk

To the reader who had the questions about the SYNC program,  there is no added cost to the service it comes with the car. Owners do not need to subscribe to the service.  However, there is a website that you can check to find out if your phone is compatible with the SYNC program. The website is syncmyride.com. SYNC will work with most bluetooth phones. According to Dan Leadingham, sales consultant at Terry’s Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, the system can be set at the dealership.  So, consumers do not need to set up the system themselves. 

 As far as Microsoft dominating the mobile phone market, I don’t no if it will be a new trend for the company, but I would not count them out as a new contender giving the fact that Microsoft has dominated the market in many ways in the past. .But, I guess that this is Microsoft’s idea of trying something different.

I hope that I answered all of your questions. If you want further information about the SYNC program, I would recommend that you check out Ford’s website or Microsoft’s website to investigate any additional information about SYNC.

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