Car Talk

Hello everyone. It is to my understanding that you as readers have enjoyed my article on the 2008 Ford Taurus.  As I mentioned earlier, I have a passion for cars and I highlight everything good about automobiles.  Since this weeks feature automobile is the Taurus, I thought I might explain a particular feature on the car that I did not expand on in the article.  Exclusive to Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models, SYNC developed by Microsoft, is a wonderful device designed to keep the driver in command.  Normally, you would expect this kind of technology on high end luxury models, but that trend is beginning to change.  Some automobile manufactures such as Nissan, are offering similar technology on its lower end vehicles. 

This SYNC has two purposes, bluetooth activated hands free calling, and hands free digital media playing.  I think that this technology is great because it is hands free.  So, if you are the driver and you have this program, it might help to keep your eyes on the road.  I am not saying in any way that this is the solution to reduce driver distraction, but I am saying it might help reduce accidents related to drivers taking there eyes off the road to fool around with the radio stations while driving. The hands free digital music playing appeals to me the most, because I have an i-pod device and a port for it in my car. I am constantly fiddling around to select songs that I want to hear while I am on the road.  It is a hassle.  But with this SYNC program, the only thing you will need is your voice and technology will do the rest.

 Thanks for reading.