Car Talk (Nissan’s Intelligent Key)

Some of Nissan’s newest technology, the CVT transmission, which is a shiftless transmission that reduces shift shock and jerking motions that are associated with standard automatic transmissions, and the Intelligent key.  Both technologies make up a small part of what makes Nissan a Nissan.  But once you investigate further, you will notice what Nissan’s technology can truly reveal.  The intelligent key, for example, is a feature that comes equipped on most Nissan models, and is shaped like a mini football. This is not just your average key.  In fact the intelligent key is like a multi-function smart computer. First, the key works best in your pocket.  What I mean by this is you never have to take the key out of your pockets unless it is necessary.  In fact, there is a special button on the door of most Nissan models that if you have the Intelligent key in your pocket, you can unlock your door by the push of a button. 

  The second function that may be included as an option, is the ability to unlock the trunk with the push of a button. The third function, may include opening the windows of the car by holding down the unlock button for a few seconds that will automatically roll down the front windows. This comes in handy in hot weather if you quickly want to cool the car down.  However, I would recommend that you only use this feature if you have a good visual of your vehicle.  A third function, is the ability to start the vehicle without putting the key in the ignition.  Again, as long as you have the key in your pocket, you can start the car without the key. ( this works well with push button ignitions like the one on the new Nissan Altima)  The final function is the panic alarm, which is nothing special, because most cars already come equipped with this feature.

 Thanks for reading.