Car Talk (Hybrid Technology)

 Have you ever wondered why the automobile industry has not made too much of an effort to make hybrid vehicles other than Toyota?  I have often wondered this myself.  With gas prices over $4 a gallon, I would think automobile manufacturers would be rushing to the drawing boards to find a way to sell vehicles that result in fewer trips to the pump while maintaining emission, environmental, and MPG standards.  

I believe that if we invested in more hybrid vehicles and technology, it would reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but to a certain extent.  Hybrids may not be the magic cure for everything, but it would certainly ease some of the need we have for fuels that power our cars and beyond.

 I also believe if the automobile industry wanted to make a concerted effort to build more hybrids they would.  But it is clear that some company’s are unwilling to compromise and continue the trend of producing vehicles that in the long run cost consumers more money.  

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