Car Talk (Cars that Never Die)

When I think about how technology has improved over the years  I think of cars that never die.  I am not saying that all cars will live to be a hundred, but I am saying newer technology has reshaped the way the automotive industry designs cars that has extended the life of most cars. More automobiles are making it past 100,000 miles and beyond with proper care and maintenance. Therefore,  today’s cars are built to last, despite the lagging economy.  I am not saying that cars in the 80’s and 90’s could not make it to this milestone, but I believe the technology was not up to par with today’s standards. 

You might have noticed that today’s automobiles come equipped with on-board computer diagnostic systems. That diagnostic system tells the mechanic exactly what is wrong with your car once engaged. That means the mechanics job to find and fix problems is in a reduced capacity because of computer reliance. In other words before all of this technology,when most cars were more mechanical than computerized, mechanics solely had to rely on his or her own observations, and intellect, not a computer diagnostic system. Boy, how times have changed.

Thanks for reading.