Car Talk (body roll)

If you were having trouble with understanding what I described as "body roll" let me explain.  When you sit in the seat of a car, you will notice that after hitting bumps, your body will shift in the seat.  In my opinion, body roll is never completely eliminated. I believe seats with lots of support, combined with a good suspension system, tend to have the lowest amounts of body roll.  But, automobiles with little support may result in a higher tendency to experience more body roll.  The next time you test drive a vehicle, I would make sure that the seats are comfortable and supportive.  Bumpy roads are the true test in determining how much body roll you will notice.

As I stated in my article on the Ford Flex, there was some body roll present. The body roll was likely the result of little side support in the seats causing body movements from side-to- side. 

Thanks for reading.