Car Talk: 2010 Ford Taurus Revealed

The new Ford Taurus is expected to be revealed at the Chicago Auto Show and may appear in dealerships in the summer of this year. As you know, Ford has been debating whether to keep the Taurus on the line up or retire it for good.  I have seen pictures of the new Taurus and it will definitely turn some heads.  The sleek design is aerodynamic and futuristic. They are also bringing back the Taurus SHO (Super High Output). This revitalization of the Taurus is Ford’s attempt to put them back on the map. In my opinion, the car could be runner up for that best selling car of the year award. The Taurus’s best years are ahead. However, the last 3 years, sales for the Taurus have been slightly less than average. People lost the love for the car. The outgoing Taurus was over-priced and did not feel like the car we all knew and loved when it debuted in the 1980’s.  I believe that the Taurus was on an upward trend after the redesign of 2000. But, when they discontinued the car for consumers in 2006, people were left wondering what the company was thinking.  Never mess with something that is going well. There was poor consumer reaction to the design of the Taurus, which was similar to the Ford Five Hundred. This sent Ford back to the drawing board.  This time, I think they got it right.