Bruce Rauner Exposed for Repeatedly Threatening Government Shutdown

Billionaire GOP candidate seems unconcerned with disruption of essential public services and indicates he’s willing to eliminate over 77,000 middle class jobs

Chicago, IL –(ENEWSPF)—August 6, 2014.  Yesterday news outlets, including CNN and the International Business Times, reported on GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner’s speech in which he threatened to shut down the government and fire workers in mass if he doesn’t get pay cuts he demands.  Rauner seems unconcerned about negative consequences of mass firings on the delivery of essential public services and suggests he is willing to wipe out over 77,000 middle class jobs of police officers, child protection workers, prison employees, nurses, and other state workers. The comments, made in March of last year, were unveiled in a new video posted by the Illinois Federation of Teachers.

The speech marks at least the second time Rauner has made such reckless comments.  In a YouTube video published in March of 2013, Rauner declared to an audience in Cumberland County that he would “proudly” shut down the government. 

“No one should be proud of cutting off services to Illinois’ veterans, seniors, and the disabled.  No one should be proud to put police, caregivers, and other hard-working public servants out of a job.  No one should be proud of purposely damaging Illinois’ economy and dragging down Illinois’ middle class,” said Neal Waltmire, Communications Director at Illinois Freedom PAC.

CNN quoted Rauner from a separate occasion in which he described the “hardball” approach he would utilize if he were to run the state. “It’s going to be hardball but I’m used to that,” he said.

The billionaire’s time leading the private equity firm GTCR offers a clear picture of what Rauner means by “hardball.”  Rauner’s GTCR has a long history of putting profits above the well-being of middle class families, siphoning money out of companies just prior to bankruptcy and job losses.

“Illinois families can’t afford billionaire Bruce Rauner’s cutthroat tactics,” said Waltmire. 


For more information on how Rauner’s GTCR siphoned money out of companies just prior to bankruptcy and job losses, please see the following:

Lason Inc.

Trans Healthcare Inc.

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