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Boil Advisory for All Park Forest Begins Tuesday

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A Boil Order Advisory for all of Park Forest will go into effect on April 11, Tuesday. The Advisory begins at 2 PM. It will continue through Friday, April 14 if testing results return negative for contaminants. If the tests come back positive for contaminants, a Boil Order will go into effect. The Village will only lift that Boil Order after tests finally return negative for contaminants.

An “Advisory” is not an “Order.” This means there is no known danger to using the water but residents are ADVISED to boil water for consumption. The Boil Order ADVISORY does NOT mean water should be boiled for other uses like bathing or cleaning. During an ADVISORY residents are safe to use water for any purposes besides consumption.

This will all begin when the Department of Public Works starts Phase 2 of the water tower connection project. The project commences at 2 PM on Tuesday, April 11. Crews will work through the day and into overnight shifts. DPW expects to complete the work by 5 or 6 AM Wednesday. Unexpected weather conditions or construction issues could delay completion.

During Phase 2, the Department of Public Works shuts down the water plant. Water towers will maintain water pressure and supply water for the entire town.

Boil Order Advisories are common during water main breaks if pressure drops in areas near the break. Full Boil Orders are less common but necessary the DPW restores pressure and tests for contaminants come back negative.

If you wish to have current, up-to-the-minute information on safety issues in the Village, residents should visit the Village of Park Forest website and sign up for Code Red.

Erratum: The first version of this story, only live for a few moments, said the Boil Order Advisory began on Thursday instead of Tuesday. We regret the error.