Back to School with a Dose of Truth

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) August 16, 2007 — The start of a new school year is here, bringing with it parents, students, and teachers all preparing for that ever important first day. What we don’t know is that teachers may be having a tougher time doing their job than most people think.

Coleen Armstrong, 31 year veteran teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio, offers help in preparing those entering the classroom with her book, The Truth About Teaching. Covering topics ranging from the non-existent bathroom breaks and lunch break to the politics and money issues involved in teaching, Armstrong weaves together the harsh realities of teaching with words of comfort, encouragement, and advice.

Although the book is written as a "love letter" to new teachers, veteran teachers find it a refreshing change from the usual books on teaching, and the general public is exposed to an eye-opening view of what really happens in schools and classrooms across the country. Published by Inspiring Teachers Publishing, this book focuses on the realities, hardships, and joys that face teachers in classrooms around the globe. These truths are revealed by Armstrong for the general public as well as for teachers.

"The Truth About Teaching," James Cox, editor-in-chief of Midwest Book Review wrote, "is an easy-to-follow and utterly absorbing read for non-teachers as well as current and prospective teachers. Additionally, The Truth About Teaching recently won the Benjamin Franklin Award™ for its division. The Benjamin Franklin Awards are sponsored by PMA, the Independent Book Publishers Association, and celebrate excellence in editorial and design for titles published in 2006. Judges for the Benjamin Franklin Awards come from all areas of the industry: major newspaper and trade media reviewers, bookstore and library buyers and reviewers, non-competing publishers, and artists and writers who serve the industry.

Coleen Armstrong continues to provide helpful tips to both parents and teachers anticipating the new school year through her Mentor column on the website for Teacher Magazine Teacher Magazine Online and through her blog on the Inspiring Teachers website Inspiring Teachers

Coleen Armstrong taught secondary English, German and Spanish in the Hamilton (Ohio) City School District for 31 years. During that time she won both state and national recognition, awards which included Ashland Oil’s Teacher Achievement Award in 1992, WKRC-TV’s Outstanding Teacher Award in 1993 and being named one of five finalists for the National Teachers Hall of Fame in 1996. In August, 1993, she was interviewed on National Public Radio’s "Morning Edition" with Bob Edwards.