Another Miraculous Day At The Gym For Officer Tim Jones: #TimStrong

Another Miraculous Day at the Gym
Another Miraculous Day at the Gym for Officer Tim Jones. (Photo: PFPD)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Park Forest Police Officer Tim Jones and his family released a photo of the recovering officer through the Park Forest Police Department. Requesting that the it be titled “Another Miraculous Day at the Gym,” the photograph of a determined Officer Jones was accompanied by the following statement:

As many know, a picture of Officer Tim Jones has not been released to the public since his critical injury in the line-of-duty one year ago today.

Tim and his family have allowed this picture to be shared with his many supporters on social media, and Tim asked that it be titled, “Another Miraculous Day at the Gym”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the unstoppable Tim Jones. Happy Officer Timothy Jones Day! #TimStrong

The PFPD also released the following heralding Tim Jones Day in Park Forest, March 19, 2017:

One year ago this morning, on March 19, 2016, Officer Timothy Jones was investigating a stolen motor vehicle complaint when fellow officers, on a separate call of a possible break in to a vacant home, discovered the reported stolen vehicle at that vacant house. Officer Jones responded, and when it was discovered that a suspect was inside of the vacant house, Officer Jones was among those who worked to take the suspect into custody. The first to contact the suspect, Officer Jones was shot in the head and critically injured, the most significant incident to occur in the nearly 70 year history of the Park Forest Police Department.

And yet, we know that we are lucky, because for many police departments across our country, the stars of officers fallen in the line-of-duty adorn hallways, and their names are inscribed on those low curved walls in Judiciary Square in Washington D.C. The first few days after Tim’s shooting, we expected to be among those agencies. And whether you chalk it up to Providence, or fortune, or the incredible resolve of an incredible young man who refused to give up, we were spared seeing our officer’s name inscribed in stone. And for that we are so very thankful.

All the same, it was a deeply painful chapter in our department’s history, one that is still being written. There are ups and downs, but Tim survived a traumatic brain injury which even medical professionals doubted he could. He smiles, he laughs, and perhaps most profound, he remembers. And while he still faces daunting physical challenges, those that have had the privilege of visiting with him in his rehabilitation facility see that same spark in his eyes that so many find remarkable in each and every picture we’ve posted of him.

Today, by proclamation of the Village of Park Forest, is Officer Timothy Jones Day. We honor Tim for the sacrifice he made one year ago today while working to keep Park Forest safe. But more than that, we celebrate his resolve, his determination, and his indomitable spirit which has allowed him to progress so far, so quickly. We celebrate a truly remarkable family that has pushed Tim onward, never looking back, teaching us lessons about the power of a positive spirit, and faith, and forgiveness. And we celebrate a community that has shown Tim, his family, and this police department so much support in so many ways.

It has been a difficult year, but we must note that through this year we have also learned that we are lucky indeed. To everyone who has played a part in this story, great or small, thank you, and Happy Officer Timothy Jones Day.

Source: The Park Forest Police Department on Facebook.

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