Another Body Blow to American Art Education

Summit NJ (PRWEB) December 10, 2007 — The National Education Budget proposes another cut in art education, this time for $35.6 million. The sad fact is that many schools have already eliminated art education. According to a university study released this month, "Budget makers and politicians see math and reading as the gold standard of education, but fail to see the enormous benefits of art education."

If schools are not teaching the arts and sciences, what are they teaching? The ominous answer is politically correct social studies and revisionist history.

"I am worried for our children. Arts are essential to every child’s education. That is why art was one of the core academic subjects chosen to be included in the No Child Left Behind Act." says Ed McCormick, author of Lesson Plans that Wow! "Art is the catalyst for passionate learning. It nurtures inventiveness and aids self-esteem, creativity, free thinking, and self-motivation."

Slashing the arts is a disturbing national phenomenon that has been eroding the learning process for over a decade. The proposed budget continues to subvert the education process and weaken the country’s future.

Knowing the value of art as a tool to enhance core curricula, many teachers are voluntarily spending their own dollars for art materials. But parents must join in if they care about the quality of their child’s education. They must be vocal with their local school boards in reminding them of the long term damage caused when art studies are cut or eliminated altogether.

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