AARP Article Sends PFHS Website Stats Through the Roof

Thanks to the March 2008 AARP Bulletin article, people around the country have discovered the 1950s Park Forest House Museum.  Last Friday I opened the museum for a couple from San Jose, California, who drove from Michigan to see it in the snowstorm!  Neither had ever lived in Park Forest, they just wanted to see it.  The PFHS website from March 1- March 22 had 9172 unique visitors, 11702 visits, 91454 pages visited, and 314,382 hits! 

I hope this helps eNewsPF, too, since we mention them on at least three pages of our site.  I have heard from 30-40 people around the country.  Several former Park Foresters have sent memoirs which I hope to add to the site, soon.  The most concrete thing the museum needs, though, is actual visits in the door, from people who make a donation for seeing it.  Our doors can’t stay open if we don’t get that.  Almost no one coming in our doors lives in Park Forest.  People from neighboring communities come, and folks who used to live here come. 

Park Foresters should not assume they know what is inside the museum, just because they know the Park Forest story.  The museum is not just about Park Forest in the early days.  It is a wonderful trip down Memory Lane for anyone who lived in the 1950s and 1960s.  You might actually learn something about the Park Forest story that you did not know, or remember.  If you don’t want to hear that story, but just want to look at the things in the house, you can do that, too.  Please support us with your presence, and your donation at the door.  Join the rest of the country in enjoying this little gem in your own backyard!