A Note to Our Clubs & Organizations


When I started eNews Park Forest, part of my plan was to give free space for clubs and organizations to tell their story. I have done that for the better part of a year. eNews Park Forest has become very popular, and continues to grow in popularity. However, we still have bills to pay. With the end of the year approaching and a new insurance bill coming sometime in January, we have to find some way to make eNews Park Forest pay for itself, and then eventually to do better.

Toward that, I am going to ask each club and organization to contribute $25 quarterly for a continued listing on the front page of each issue of eNews Park Forest. It does take time each week to add all of those stories at the bottom of the content area.

I arrived at the $25 quarterly figure because that is what the Village of Park Forest charges for a listing in its Recreation and Parks brochure. There are many benefits to listing in eNews Park Forest as opposed to listing in other sources. Do you know where your Recreation and Parks brochure is right now? The name of your club or organization is showing up on approximately 24,000 computer desktops a month right now — every time they open eNews Park Forest.

There are also benefits in the search engines. This is, after all, the Google generation. If you were to Google, "Park Forest Stamp Club," the first listing you will see is the article in eNews Park Forest.

Likewise, do a search for, "League of Women Voters Park Forest," and eNews comes up second. The same is true when searching for, "Chrysalis Community Center." Search for, "Park Forest Rotary," and, eNews comes up first.

To give you some sense of how powerful our site is right now in the search engines listings, the Park Forest Nurses Club just added their article recently. Search Google for, “Park Forest Nurses Club," and their listing already comes up second under the Health Department. The same is true, by the way, if you search for Park Forest Health Department.

In addition to listing your club or organization on the front page of eNews Park Forest, I will also add the names and links to your respective club’s or organization’s article in the template that I use for the outgoing e-mail newsletter. You will also have access to a Newsflash item which you can edit at your discretion. I’ll be happy to show you how to do that.

Regardless of your decision, rest assured that I will still carry your periodic press releases, and I will continue to carry your article on eNews Park Forest if you choose not to contribute, but not on the front page anymore.

Please take some time and discuss this with your clubs organizations, and get back to me.

Thanks for all your support, and for all that your clubs and organizations to for Park Forest and the surrounding area.

Gary Kopycinski