5th District U.S. Congressional Candidate ‘Fully Supports’ Recreational Use of Cannabis

Benjamin Thomas Wolf
Benjamin Thomas Wolf, Democratic Candidate Fifth Congressional District of Illinois

CHICAGO,IL—(ENEWSPF)—February 5, 2018

By: Tom Lupa 

U.S. Congressional candidate Benjamin Thomas Wolf congratulated California on legalizing recreational use of cannabis this week. Citing the billions of dollars that would be made in revenue should cannabis be legalized, Wolf has thrown his full support behind legalization in the State of Illinois as well as at the federal level.

Wolf, a former federal agent and career United States diplomat who has served in Africa and Iraq, now openly admits to routine cannabis use being a part of his life. His views reflect the more than 64 percent of Americans and 74 percent of Chicagoans that are in favor of legalizing cannabis.

“Cannabis can provide a much-needed tax base for our city. As a former federal law enforcement agent, I understand the manner in which legalizing cannabis can transform the criminal justice system in regard to high rates of incarceration for drug crimes as well as the unfair targeting of marginalized communities,” said Wolf.

Cook County commissioners voted unanimously to approve a recreational cannabis referendum which will be on the March 20, 2018 primary ballot. Illinois could make up to $699 million in revenue, according to the Marijuana Policy Project. Nine states and the District of Columbia have opted to legalize recreational consumption for all adults.

“The people of Chicago and Cook County want to be the first in the Midwest to have access to legal recreational cannabis and I want them to know that I have made this one of my top policy priorities. I am proud to the considered the cannabis candidate.”

Benjamin Thomas Wolf, former F.B.I. National Security Official, U.S. Diplomat, and college professor, is running in the March 2018 Democratic Primary Election for the Fifth Congressional District of Illinois.


For more information about Candidate Wolf, how to volunteer for his campaign or arrange for him to meet your group, please visit his website at www.wolfforcongress.org.
Source: www.wolfforcongress.org

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