48,836 Visits to eNews Park Forest in April


48,836 – our magic number for the month of April 2009.

In March, eNews Park Forest welcomed 37,626 visitors. I thought it would be nice if April reached 40,000.  We were on target for 40K midway through the month, and then our traffic simply increased.  In the end, April blew March out of the water.  There were more than a quarter of a million page views last month: 273,048 total.

That’s absolutely incredible. We have all of you to thank for that.

Now, we may be looking at exponential growth (If two people tell two people, 4 people know about the site.  If 1000 people tell two people, there are 2000.  If 2000 tell two people – well, you get the idea).

That’s great, and it also means ENEWSPF is consuming more bandwidth.  This site has migrated to a number of servers in search of more.  As this continues to grow, well…

We look forward to growing and continuing to serve Park Forest and beyond.

On behalf of our reporters, clubs, organizations, and advertisers, thanks for reading, and thanks for coming back.

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So, be sure to stop by every day.  Check the weather, check stock quotes, and continue to be a part of Chicagoland’s fastest growing news source.