‘3 Blonde Moms’ Headlines Freedom Hall Sunday


3 Blonde Moms will be at Freedom Hall Sunday. From the top: Helen Keaney, Joanie Fagan and Beaumont Bacon. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Updated March 5, 2008 at 5:15 p.m. with time and ticket information. 

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— 3 Blonde Moms bring their comedy to Freedom Hall Sunday. The jam-packed show is full of hysterical material about being a Mom, having a Mom, husbands, in-laws and more, according to the group’s Web site.

Beaumont Bacon’s film credits include the movie Jerry McGuire. She also has a one-woman show Raging Beau, guest starring roles on sitcoms and more. Joanie Fagan, played Faith on The Drew Carey Show, and can be seen in several movies including Angels in the Outfield, Race to Space, dozens of commercials,and more. Helen Keaney has been in dozens of commercials and is the show’s sassy and beautiful "Married to a Felon" Mom. She has hosted many shows on The Style Network, E!, TLC, and more.

eNews Park Forest conducted an exclusive interview with creator and producer of the trio Joanie Fagan.

How did you get together?

I came up with title and concept a few years ago when I became a mom. I’ve known Helen and Beaumont for a long time, I am perky they are sassy and southern, totally different than me. So I invited them to be two out of 3 Blonde Moms.

To what extent is your act autobiographical?  Is your comedy reflective of your own lives, or do you get inspiration from elsewhere?

All of the above. We find that we all go through the same or similiar things in life. We 3 see it from three points of view. Our comedy background helps make it all seem a bit more hysterical than "real life", sometimes. real life can be pretty funny.

Do family members help with your writing?  How do the kids like the act?

Yes, our husbands have to sign releases when we get married. Nooo. But our life happens and our families are in them. So they are in our stories, but we have a friendly, upbeat, good natured show. We also talk about schools, PTA meetings, dieting challenges, neighbors, weddings, "dating" your husband while you are married, inlaws, how things change when kids come along, and more.

How do you keep a comedy act PG-13 these days?

We work hard to try and make sure we keep it PG13. Helen is PG 14, though, from time to time. Ha! Seriously, I am lucky to be working with such talented gals. They (and hopefully me, I think so) are physically funny comediennes and extremely talented performers. We do not think it’s necessary to use bad language or dirty tales of woe, to be funny. No "shock humor". Our lives are funny enough, we can tell it like it is, and that is plenty.

What do you like about performing before a live audience as opposed to television or film?

The energy and immediate response, is great. We feel like we don’t have fans, they are our friends. Many times it feels like we’re laughing in our living room at a great, fun party.

Your site says your act is "semi-scripted".  Is there a lot of improvisation?  Any interaction with the audience?

It is semi-scripted. We go up together and introduce ourselves. We also have a 4 minute open DVD slide show with our lives if the venue permits (and a 1 minute closing dvd with us and our babies). Then we tell our stories individually, and close together, and yes, from time to time, there is audience interaction, but mostly not. But if something comes up on the spot, we address it.

I have to ask… Drew Carey put together quite an ensemble for his show.  What was it like working with them?  Was the show entirely scripted, or was there a fair amount of on-the-set improv?

I was on The Drew Carey Show, the sitcom, so it was 100% scripted. They were THE nicest people in the world and SO talented. That was a great opportunity, and tons of fun.

At the end of the performance, what do you want to leave your audience with?

My goal has always been a show with heart and soul about the things we all go through delivered in a hysterical way from three distinct points of view. We are all doing the best we can. We are mothers, friends, sisters, fathers, mommies, bosses, employee’s, etc etc. We might have different methods of doing it all, and we are all right in our own way. You also have to take care of yourself, go out and laugh, fill up, so you can do it all again the next day…a little lighter. We give a lot as parents, and are rewarded with unconditional love from our families, and giving unconditional love is a reward as well. As Moms we enter a secret society, or so it seems, we have a built in support group no matter how similiar or different we are. We are so lucky. Seize the day, and you are not alone.


3 Blonde Moms will perform Sunday, March 9 at 3 pm, Reserved tickets are reasonably priced at $20.00 and available by contacting Freedom Hall at 708-747-0580 or visit Freedom Hall on the web at www.freedomhall.org.

Source: http://www.3blondemoms.com