1950s House Museum in the News

In case you did not catch it–the article ran Sunday, February 3, 2008 on the front page of the Metro section.  Joel Hood did a great job writing it and John Smierciak did a great set of photos and video.  It does not say you can go to the website, but there are photographs, and a video clip on the Trib’s website. This is my original entry:   Just had to do an extra entry for this.  On Monday January 21, I was interviewed in the museum for a story we hope will run this week in the Chicago Tribune.  Reporter, Joel Hood, interviewed me for the story which is supposed to include interviews wtih people from the Rolling Meadows 1950s House Museum as well.  The museum was videotaped, and my interview was too.  I don’t know what will make the editor’s "cut,"  but if and when the article runs, if it says you can see more on the Chicago Tribune website, that is what may be there!  The story came about because I contacted Patrick Reardon of the Trib, who I met when he came to Ridge Historical Society while writing a story on some other regional historical museums.  Ridge got cut from that article, but I still send Patrick PFHS news items once in awhile.  A big Thank You to Patrick for sending the story on to the Tinley Park office!!  The photographer used to live in a rental unit or co-op in the mid 1970s.  He had me put in some background music and "Sentimental Journey" came on played by Les Brown.  Very appropriate, but I don’t know if that will be on the web!  It certainly set the mood for the interview! 1-28-2008