10 Ways to Quit Smoking – Helpful Tips

With so much time and effort put into creating campaigns to help Americans quit smoking the progression has not resulted quite well. Studies have found that 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women still smoke. Leading some to believe that helping Americans in ways to quit smoking are in need of a more aggressive approach.

Kicking the habit for good is what troubles and stands in the way of quitting. Long term goals become short term results, ending smokers back to square one. So why do millions still continue to smoke? The obvious answer to that is the nicotine that all smokers are addicted to but it is the feeling in return that provides smokers the psychological comfort that comes with the many feelings of related stress.

With so many tools, programs and systems many have at their disposal considering quitting smoking is solely based on when you are ready. Try consulting with an expert or your doctor. But if you have started today, or at this moment these 10 ways to quit smoking will be a direction to the path of quitting smoking.

10 ways to quit smoking

1.) Consider counseling: Smoking is an addiction and any addiction is powerful many times over. Counseling will provide support and can increase your will power. You need to attend one on one counseling sessions, group meeting of experts and people that are like minded and that are there for the same reason.

2.) Try deep breathing techniques: Some find this one of the most powerful techniques. Every time you feel the need to smoke try the following three times.

Take in the deepest amount of air you can, simply exhale and release the air very slowly. Visualization is the key. You must picture your body leaving its tension as its being released through your energy and body. Follow through 3 times.

3.) Start to exercise: Get up and go to the gym. Changing your routine can help you jump of the same routine you were in. Consider jogging and/or walking.

4.) Writing it down: You want to take a page, split a line through it and write down good things about not smoking. Sit for a few minutes and notice how you feel. Write what you have accomplished.

5.) Try to stay away from smokers or have anyone close to you stop smoking around you. You want to be able to kick the habit and associating yourself in a smoking environment will only draw you back to square one. This is vital.

6.) Drinking plenty of water: Flush your system of the nicotine. Flushing out the toxins in your body and keeping yourself well hydrated will help fight cravings and also will make you feel better.

7.) Eating smart: Consider changing your eating habits. Kick the saturated fats, processed foods, and junk. You can find foods that actually do exist out there that are the exact same and taste just as good but healthier. Look for them!

8.) Sleep: When quitting smoking your sleeping habits can be erratic, you might not pull a good night of sleep. Try getting in 8 hours of sleep every night. Do not eat 4-5 hours prior to bed time. If needed in the day take some power naps to help keep you focused.

9.) Smokers usually have certain times in a day that that they smoke. It is a natural routine of smoking. You want to try replacing those particular parts of the day with a piece of gum or hard candy.

10.) Re-direct thinking: If you find yourself thinking of smoking or have cravings, it is your mind that is thinking of such things. When this happens, you have to try picking a topic or something you need to do tomorrow, errands to run, just pick something and brainstorm it in your head, think about it, re-direct your thought into another branch of thoughts from your initial one. Doing this occupies your mind. Do not come full circle back to your thought of smoking. This can take some control and time but it is not hard. It is your mind. Control it and direct it.

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