The United States and El Salvador: The Fact Sheets

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–March 23, 2011.  

President Obama and President Funes discussed wide range of issues in bilateral meetings during the President’s visit to San Salvador.  The Presidents underscored the deep and strong ties between the United States and El Salvador and highlighted the partnership between our two countries to strengthen our bilateral economic relations, to unlock the potential of the Salvadoran economy working in partnership with the private sector; to confront the effects of climate change in Central America; and to more effectively ensure citizen security in El Salvador and across Central America.  Attached are a series of fact sheets on these issues, with summaries below.

Strengthening the U.S.-El Salvador Economic Relationship

El Salvador has been as one of the first four countries that will participate in the “Partnership for Growth,” which will put into practice the principles of the new Policy Directive there to drive economic progress in the region, achieve sustainable economic growth, and combat on Global Development issued by the President in September 2010.

To enhance the well being of the citizens of El Salvador as well as the United States, President Funes and President Obama also underscored the importance of working together on global climate change, green growth, and clean energy.

The Presidents also discussed the importance of Central American economic integration efforts.  To help jumpstart key work to break down transport and logistics inefficiencies, President Obama pledged support to a new Crossroads Fund in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank to foster more efficient and secure regional transport networks throughout Central America.

In light of the importance of extending consumer protections to those sending remittances from the United States, and noting the key role remittances play in the Salvadoran economy, President Obama also highlighted steps being taken under the Wall Street Reform Act to give unprecedented protections to those sending remittances to El Salvador and elsewhere throughout the Americas and around the world.

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Citizen Security

“And as the nations of Central America develop a new regional security strategy, the United States stands ready to do our part through a new partnership that puts the focus on where it should be – on the security of citizens.  And with regional and international partners, we’ll make sure our support is not just well-intentioned, but is well-coordinated and well-spent.”

President Barack Obama
March 21, 2011 Santiago, Chile

President Obama and President Funes committed to work together to reduce the insecurity and violent crime that is at the top of citizens’ concerns in El Salvador and most countries in the Americas.  Presidents Obama and Funes committed to enhancing flexible, practical partnerships in the El Salvador to advance shared interests and protect our citizens.

This cooperative approach is based on a deeper recognition of new and traditional threats to the safety of our citizens in the hemisphere.  This strategy is grounded in our shared responsibility for addressing such challenges:  The critical importance of political will, rule of law, and effective institutions of governance, and the common aspirations for secure, prosperous and inclusive societies.  The U.S.-El Salvador bilateral efforts are part of a broader effort to confront citizen insecurity in Central America and throughout the Americas.  To meet this challenge, the Americas are coming together under Salvadoran leadership at the upcoming Organization of American States focused on Citizen Security and to form a Central America Citizen Security Partnership President Obama unveiled in Santiago Chile on March 21, 2001.

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Defense Cooperation

El Salvador is a key partner of the United States in Central America with some of most highly professional military forces in the region.  Our rich bilateral military relationship is distinguished by cooperation and training programs, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, and peacekeeping operations.

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