The Occupations Report, November 2, 2011

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–November 2, 2011.  This Occupation Report is compiled by Rebuild the Dream. 

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This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local organizing efforts, protests/events, police activity reports and calls to action where additional support from allies/general public may be needed.

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Today is a National Day of Action in solidarity with Oakland’s General strike! The Oakland Tribune has said today’s strike could be the biggest public demonstration on the East Bay since the Vietnam War. Several occupy sites and occupy allies are also holding actions today in solidarity with Oakland. OccupyColleges, for instance, will be organizing and live streaming Teach-Ins from sites across the country at .

Occupy Atlanta
Occupy Atlanta will hold a press conference at 3:30 pm in Piedmont Park (in the green space behind Park Tavern at Monroe and 10th), followed by a march to Atlantic Station to protest Wells Fargo.

Occupy Boston
Higher Education for the 99% March at 12:30 PM. *Gather outside the Federal Reserve Bank, (600 Atlantic Ave. Boston 02210). Students and workers unite to demand: an end to student debt, good jobs for all, and education as a human right. Action of Solidarity with Occupy Oakland at 5:00 PM.  *Gather at Occupy Boston Camp in Dewey Sq. (near South Station)* Join the 99% as we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from Oakland, who had their Occupy camp violently raided on October 25th. The Occupy movement has announced a national day of action on November 2nd in solidarity with Occupy Oakland. Together, as students, labor, the unemployed and all members of the 99%, we will take to the street and send a message that our movement will not be silenced!

Occupy Cleveland
Occupy Cleveland members report: This morning a little after 9am an occupier with Occupy Cleveland was arrested in the free speech quadrant of Public Square by police for not presenting for his ID after giving his name. The occupier has not been charged however indications are that he will be charged with resisting arrest and sleeping in public square.  Other occupiers who witnessed the event report the occupier was not asleep but asking police questions about permits regarding his presence in the square during the incident. Currently, Occupy Cleveland is permitted to have informational tables, signs, and a 24/7 presence in the Tom Johnson quadrant (NW) of Public Square.

Occupy Colleges
Occupy Colleges is live streaming Teach-Ins from sites across the country at all day today. For two days beginning November 2, Occupy Colleges, a grassroots organization bringing awareness to the Occupy Wall Street movement within the college sphere, will promote a National Solidarity Teach-In for colleges and universities across the country. The Teach-ins aim to open and continue dialogue around the Occupy Wall Street movement. They are primarily a means to bring together students in an environment where experts in various fields can liberally address questions or concerns.  Go to to see the Teach-In schedule and join a live streaming session.

Occupy Dallas
Joining Occupy Oakland, Occupy Dallas issued a statement today calling for General Strike on Nov. 30th. The proposal was drafted at last night’s GA and would include refraining “from Buying or Selling any goods or services including but not limited to, any petroleum products, consumer goods or bank transactions; starting at 12:01 am to 11:59pm on November 30th, 2011,” and refraining from “working for a wage starting at 12:01 am to 11:59pm on November 30th, 2011 excluding those individuals that provide emergency and necessary functions including but not limited to Police, Fire and Medical personnel.”

CALL TO ACTION: The weather outside is frightful and Occupy Dallas is asking for experts on winterization to come down and help with the effort. Find them at City Hall Park

Occupy Denver
The Denver Area Labor Federation issued  statement of support for Occupy Denver.

Occupy Las Vegas
After multiple successful marches that drew hundreds of protesters to the Las Vegas Strip and the Fremont Strip, Occupy Las Vegas has begun its full time occupation of a site adjacent to UNLV and the Strip. OLV has recently formed a non-profit and expects to have tax-exempt status in the next couple of weeks. OLV recently held the first of what will be many free foreclosure workshops to aid the massive numbers of Nevadans ravaged by the foreclosure crisis. Thus far Las Vegas Metro police have been supportive of the movement and worked in close support of the organization.

Occupy Oakland
GENERAL STRIKE IN OAKLAND TODAY!!! The Oakland Tribune reported that today’s strike could be the biggest public demonstration on the East Bay since the Vietnam War. At around 4:30pm today, Machahir News reported that Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said he expected about 5,000 people to march to the Port of Oakland at 5 p.m. [Video:]. In addition to shutting down big banks [Photo:] and other businesses, OO also held several actions today including a Teach-In at 2pm facilitated by Ken Jacobs, chair, UC Berkeley Labor Center, and Steven Pitts, the country’s foremost scholar on Black workers. Check out more photos here:

CALL TO ACTION: If you are in the area and would like to support the strike today, Occupy Oakland is in need of more water and prepared food – as much of their kitchen equipment was taken this afternoon. Drop off donations at 14th and Broadway or Oscar Grant Plaza.

Occupy Portland
Occupy Portland is standing in solidarity with Occupy Oakland’s General Strike today. The group is holding a “Say NO to Police Violence!” rally at 4:30pm at Terry Schrunk Plaza. Speakers include members of Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War and will feature a performance by local hip hop artist, Mic Crenshaw. At 5:30pm Occupy Portland will march with veterans through downtown. Earlier this week, the group launched a zombie attack on Bank of America

Occupy Seattle
Occupy Seattle is standing in solidarity with Occupy Oakland’s General Strike today. At 6 pm, they will march to Sheraton hotel where CEO of Chase bank, Jamie Dimon, is speaking.  The group plans to “peacefully protest chase’s mishandling of our money.”

Occupy Wall Street:
OWS CALL TO ACTION: Join the Month of Global Uprising. OWS issued a statement earlier today asking everyone to join Occupy Oakland and other sites across the world in holding actions during the month of November. In New York today, military veterans in uniform joined OWS protesters in a solidarity march. Meanwhile, according to NY Daily News, assembly speaker Sheldon Silver, Rep. Jerald Nadler (D-Manhattan) and local lawmakers who represent lower Manhattan demanded Tuesday that Mayor Bloomberg crack down on quality-of-life infractions by those encamped at Zuccotti Park. Read more:

Occupy Worcester
After a meeting with a Worcester City Resident, Mayor Joseph O’Brien of Worcester has expressed support for the Occupy Wall Street movement and Occupy Worcester. He will be personally attending Saturday’s General Assembly and has offered the use of the Levi Lincoln Room and the City Counsel Chamber for indoor General Assemblies, workshops, “speak-outs,” and community discussions.


Occupy London
Tuesday, the city and St Paul’s suspended legal action against OccupyLSX. The Corporation of London and cathedral dropped the bid to evict camp and St Paul’s is reportedly setting up new initiative on ethical finance. Video:

Occupy Toronto
Occupy Toronto is marching in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, and in solidarity with the Oakland General Strike! The group will march to the financial sector to hold a rally and an assembly this afternoon (4pm). Photo:


Several organizations and occupy sites are gearing up for the November 5th National Day of Action to Move Your Money from big banks like Chase, Bank of America and Citibank. More info at

Los Angeles
LA Clergy Divest $2 million and 200 Years of Business from Bank of America.  Read the full story at

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