On the Heels of Their National Television Debut on the Daily Show, Group Takes the International Stage

DETROIT ––(ENEWSPF)—December 4, 2014. The Detroit Water Brigade will send a delegation of four to represent the city next week at Ireland’s national People’s Assembly outside the Dail – Ireland’s parliament – on International Human Rights Day, December 10th, 2014. The rally is expected to bring together tens of thousands from across the country in protest as a follow-up to a November 1st day of rallies attended by up to 200,000 Irish people.

Last month, the two groups released a joint statement calling for global support of public water systems that are under threat of privatization.

Ireland’s government recently allowed a semi-state company, Irish Water, to take over control of the island’s water supply under the Water Services Act of 2013. The move sparked nationwide protests, especially when Irish Water announced plans to install meters and charge residents for usage on top of existing general taxation for water services.

During their trip abroad, the Detroit delegation will visit towns across Ireland that have been resisting government plans to impose Irish Water meters and speak with residents about their first-hand experience fighting water shutoffs. They’ll also listen and learn from community activists who have successfully brought the water issue in Ireland to a national political crisis moment. 

Brigade Spokeswoman AtPeace Makita, who appeared last month on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, expressed support for the fight against Irish Water: “Water is life. To take it away from those who cannot afford it by handing it to a private, for-profit company isn’t just irresponsible – it’s genocidal. We know that from first-hand experience here in Detroit and we can’t allow it to happen to Ireland. Return the water to the people!”

Brendan Ogle, of the #Right2Water Ireland campaign, said: “As this issue develops the ideological agenda of the water barons becomes more exposed. Water is our Human Right. A flame has been lit in the soul of communities that span the Broad Atlantic and even our water will not extinguish that flame.”

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