OccupyDallas Surrounded By Law Enforcement, Oct. 11

Dallas, TX—(ENEWSPF)–Oct. 11, 2011 — Reports are coming in from the OccupyDallas security team that law enforcement is now stationed on three sides of the park, including a mixture of US Marshalls, Dallas Police and County Sheriffs. As a precaution, the members of OccupyDallas are gathering together on the front lawn of Pioneer Plaza to keep safe.

In the past 45 minutes, Homeland Security vehicles have been seen passing by the park. This heightened police pressure comes as a shock to the peaceful protesters who have occupied the park since Friday, October 7th. Previously, the police have been a welcomed presence at the park, providing security and even engaging members in conversation. Members of the television news media station WFAA who were on site for interviews and coverage have now left.

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The OccupyDallas movement began Thursday, Oct 6 with a march from Pike Park to the Federal Reserve building. Over 1,000 people gathered to protest corporate greed and money influencing the government. The movement currently has more than 150 members occupying Pioneer Plaza in downtown, with hundreds more joining in daily for marches to various corporations and banks throughout the city. The movement stands in solidarity with similar Occupy movements happening across the nation and the world, including the original Occupy Wall Street protest that featured tens of thousands of marchers and continues to grow.